The Rimini Bus Expo is growing and offering ever more

The Rimini Bus Expo is getting bigger and bigger, bringing together stakeholders of all kinds, looking curiously over the border, increasing its exhibition space and offering more, increasingly cohesive and above all comprehensive. This is just some of what you'll find at IBE 2018, the only marketplace for the Italian bus industry. Indeed, the undisputed stars will definitely be means of public transport.

From Evobus to MAN, an encounter not to be missed

To show off its wares, Evobus has already booked a significantly sized booth. The German group will be displaying the very best of its product range. And quite likely surprises are in store. Make a note on your diary for the press conference scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. on 25th October at the booth in Hall C5. The meeting will address topics such as the transition to electricity, after-sales services and an initial market analysis.  Another topic entails the partnership with Anav for the campaign entitled “Vai col bus” (Go by bus). In short, there is lots on the agenda.

MAN will also be playing a starring role at the Rimini show. Indeed, the German group has restyled almost all of its product range. A small yet significant revolution, which is epitomised in the new Euro VIc 9-litre 6-cylinder engine called the D15. In terms of new products on show, mention must be made of the MAN Lion’s City, the MAN Lion’s Coach and the Neoplan Tourliner and Skyliner. In addition to European industry giants, Rimini will also be hosting bodybuilders. The first to book tickets was D’Auria, a company which specialises in the production and sale of mini and midi buses.

Anav and Asstra to feature at the event

As mentioned earlier, the show's about industry, for sure, but that's not all. The Rimini event is also attended by the main sector associations. Out of all of them, Anav and Asstra will contribute, each for its own area of expertise, to giving depth and a certain weight to the three-day event in Rimini. Anav, in particular, is set to have a packed diary filled with encounters of the utmost interest. Starting in the afternoon of 24th October with the “Smart Technology” conference (technology and electronic ticketing systems), followed by the daytime events scheduled for the 25th including two public meetings, one in partnership with Iveco and the other with Evobus. The fil rouge for both is, as always, to promote the use of buses as a safe, modern and comfortable means of transport. Nevertheless, the signature event for Anav remains the “Vai col Bus” campaign aimed at "informing and raising awareness among the public opinion, as well as among industry experts, regarding the importance of the bus service segment in the national mobility system, in terms of quantity, quality, safety, and environmental and social impact".

Rimini will also be hosting Asstra, an association of a generous 137 Italian Public Transport (TPL) companies representing 95 per cent of the urban transport market and 75 per cent of the extra-urban one. In short, a strong, and significant portion of the balances of this sector. Asstra has the task of analysing the current "hot topics" and relaunching the quality of the service provided and the low environmental impact issues. To this end, dialogue with national and local institutions will be significant.

IBE Bus Driver of The Year and other news in store

Among the IBE news for 2018, the IBE BUS DRIVER of THE YEAR competition is an IBE initiative, in partnership with AUTOBUS magazine, to crown Italy's best bus driver. Drivers are initially nominated by their own transport companies, to then take part in the finals on 24th October in Rimini, the day of the award ceremony. Considering the success of previous years, there will be no shortage of IBE TEST DRIVES organised by AUTOBUS magazine. Concurrently with IBE International, latest-generation models can be tested in the square in front of the Exhibition Centre and on an unprecedented city circuit.







New regulation and prefectoral compulsory mobilisation order for strikes without notice

Prefectoral compulsory mobilisation orders permitted for strikes without notice. The Council of State affirmed this by welcoming the appeal from the Italian Ministry of the Interior and the Guarantee Commission. Meanwhile, again on the subject of strikes, the new regulation was passed, valid only for TPL, which doubles the minimum length of time between two demonstrations from 10 to 20 days.

TPL, service tenders continue to be an issue that is "splitting" Italy

Demonstrations that are being repeated quite frequently in Savona, to protest against the call for tender to assign the TPL. The issue of service tenders is splitting Italy in half: on the one hand, the catchment areas assigned “in house”, and on the other those concerned by tenders as required by European directives. With the former clearly preponderant, as demonstrated by the case in Milan, where the assignment to Atm has been extended to 2020. The fate of Atac, on the other hand, is dependent upon the receivership, with judges scheduled to make their ruling by the end of May. Meanwhile, the referendum for the liberalisation of the TPL in the Italian capital, backed by 30 thousand signatures collected by the Radicals, has been postponed to October (the date initially scheduled was 3rd June). One of the "European" cases involves Bolzano, where the extra-urban public transport has been tendered. A ten-year tender worth 962 million Euros.






Start-ups and their impact on the travel sector

Concurrently with the long-distance transport ‘boom’, another revolution has hit the travel sector. In this case also, the starring role is played by the bus, yet this time with a young entrepreneur 'behind the wheel'. Indeed, in recent years, multiple start-ups have been established and they have improved the way people travel by bus, making it 'smarter'. An emblematic example of this is Flixbus which has changed the European long-distance transport scene, breaking away from the classic mould.


Collective road transport, music and sports events, quotes for hire: these are the main start-ups operating across Italy

In Italy a variety of start-ups have begun to do business, focusing on collective road transport and specifically specialising in the segments of major events (music and sports), in optimising ‘empty journeys’, as aggregators for hire quotes or identifying specific car parks for buses.


International Bus Expo, a meeting place for “start-uppers”

On 24th October, during IBE, the International Bus Expo, AUTOBUS magazine is organising a meeting with the main Italian start-ups operating in the collective road transport sector within the halls of Rimini Fiera. An Italian first, whereby 'start-uppers' will get the chance to talk about their own experience and future plans.

The world of buses is changing, and these new concerns testify to this.







Regarding the exclusion of rental firms from the reduction in diesel excise duties, the EU has started off the Eu Pilot procedure, aimed at shedding light on the issue. The next step, should an agreement fail to be reached, is the infringement procedure. Anav celebrates: "The procedure will force the Italian Government to account for the choices made," stated the chairman Giuseppe Vinella.

"Regarding the failed acknowledgement of the reduction of diesel excise duties for bus rental companies, the European Commission wants to clarify the matter and has, therefore, started up the EU Pilot procedure for the exchange of information with the Italian authorities," the head of Anav continued to comment. "Up until now, our financial administration has ignored the opinions repeatedly expressed by the European Commission and claimed its own discretion in applying the reduced excise duty to the bus rental sector."


Anav Chairman Vinella Satisfied

After all, the unlawfulness of excluding chauffeur-driven bus rental companies from the discount on diesel excise duties had already been established in March by Pierre Moscovici on behalf of the European Commission, in an answer to the query by member of the European parliament Massimiliano Salini. "The launch of EU Pilot procedure will now force the Italian Government to account for the choices it has made and which the Commission, based on reports by Anav, has already declared to be incompatible with the applicable Directive 2003/96/EC," is what Vinella hopes for. "At this stage, we trust it will be not be necessary to place Italy explicitly in arrears so that the internal regulations on the reduction of the diesel excise duties are made to comply with the reference EU framework."







Mobility Innovation Tour stops off in Turin, suggesting a focus on the electrical experience of Gtt

The first leg in Milan is now over, everything is ready for an encore. The Mobility Innovation Tour, the collection of conferences focusing on the TPL and innovation duo promoted by AUTOBUS magazine with Cifi, is stopping off in Turin on 25th May, where the focus is set to be on the electrical experience of Gtt. The event will go by the title of: “Electric fleets in local public transport. The case of Turin”. The conference will be part of the programme of events for the “Sustainable development Festival” and will take place in the Kyoto room of the Environment Park (via Livorno 60). Gtt, Municipality of Turin and Piedmont Region are the partners.


Narrating Reality, the plans and prospects of transport companies:that's the main objective of the tour.

The Mobility Innovation Tour has as its objective to narrate the reality, the plans and the prospects of public transport companies, promoting dialogue with the industry and concerns driven by innovationThe début was made on 16th March in Milan, at Microsoft Italia headquarters and with the presence of Atm and Uitp. The initiative has been developed thanks to the academic support of the University of Genoa and with the sponsorship of Italian Exhibition Group, of Scania and of Zf and thanks to the partnership of its industrial partner, Iveco Bus.


There's no stopping the Mobility Innovation Tour. Next stops: Florence, Rome and Bologna

After Turin (where a preview of the results will be presented for the first six months of the pilot project at national level of an urban line served fully by 12-metre electric buses) the next stops are to be Florence, where the topic of modal integration will be addressed in the presence of Fs; Rome, where the topic of fleet renovation will be addressed with Cotral; Bologna, where talks of the new frontiers on the topic of maintenance will be held under the guidance of Tper.