To be the place where the main manufacturers and stakeholders of the world of passenger transport share visions and forge relationships, and where the community meets to test the latest technologies, find out about innovations and trends, and do business.



To become the benchmark platform for integrated mobility, moving from a show exhibiting products to one proposing solutions for companies, public authorities and associations. To be a hub for the development of mobility, putting the focus on the people who “live” the road: a place, but also a community, dedicated to the present and the future of the whole passenger transport value chain.


Our values

To reflect our values based on sustainability and the environment, with attention given to zero-emissions transport, enabling technologies, industry 4.0, innovation and safety.


Our objectives 

To give greater attention to the requirements of local public transport operators, valuing their role as driver of regional transformation in terms of energy transition and getting the resources for changing fleets and vehicles.